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Freakishly Tall, but always Approachable. Growing up in West Virginia, and originally finding my calling in Engineering, I honestly had no idea that this is where I’d end up planting my flag, helping nonprofit leaders change the world and turing their passion into their job. I’ve been in this world for years now, from the time that I was 23, and I’m still constantly learning from my peers as we all continuously navigate the realm of charity work.

These days I do three things mainly, I build Client acquisition systems for small/medium-sized companies, I teach nonprofit startups how to get their feet wet in their community, and I even run my own nonprofit in Maryland with a focus in drunk driving prevention. My approach to education has never been “This is how YOU should do it..”, but rather “This is how I was able to do it, I hope this serves you.” None of us have all of the answers, just experiences; and if my personal experiences can

allow you to skip the barriers that you will inevitably run into, I hope it can possibly add value to your life and journey. Believe it or not I do still have spare time … and when I’m not spending it with my beautiful wife Adela, I’m either skateboarding, playing music, watching pro wrestling, or doing stand-up comedy. When it comes bettering the world, those who say they can, and those who say they can’t, are both usually right. I believe that you are empowered, that everything you do matters; and I’m happy to help you bring that into the world however I’m able!


Charity Founder

Safe Ride Foundation
Eradicating Drunk Driving in Western Maryland

In 2015, I founded a charity in Maryland working to stop drunk driving. We've accomplished a lot in the past decade, mostly notably developing a mobile app that will transport you AND your vechicle home safely after a night of drinking. With this program, we've now prevented well over 15,000 DUI offenses in our area!


NONPROFIT Consulting

I’m writing a book! In nonprofit world, we all have a superpower, and my goal with this next book is to help you harness that in order to turn your passion project into a full-time job. This book will be a full extension of my youtube channel’s content, taking it to the next level to provide some next-level value to the industry!


Trusted Brands

Some of the brands I’ve worked with over the years through charity work, speaking, and web development.

Web Designer

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What good is a car if you don't have the keys, or a driver. After buidling your company a stylish, eye-catching website, we also implement our award-winning lead generation and qualification funnel into your business, garaunteed to fill your calendar with warm, qualified sales calls.
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